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3 Helpful Tips to Date Older Montreal Sugar Daddies on Seeking Arrangement

When you create a sugar baby profile on a site like Seeking Arrangement Canada, you'll notice that many of the sugar daddies on it are older sugar daddies (men who are 55 and older). Think of these men like a fine wine – those who age gracefully and are far more generous than the young sugar daddies you could hook up with.

Be Patient

When dating an older sugar daddy, it's important you are patient with him. Keep in mind that there is a generational gap between the both of you. The expressions or technology you use may be foreign to him (and his to you). If you're unclear about something, be sure to ask to avoid any awkwardness.

Older sugar daddies new to the seeking arrangement dating scene may also not know how the whole process works. They may not understand allowances and could be hesitant to suggest one. And, if they give you an allowance, it's probably going to be in the form of cash instead of PayPal or anything similar to that. Clear up the allowance issue by asking for a monthly allowance in case they forget the weekly one, and you're hurting for cash.

Introduce Him to Technology

Many older sugar daddies are not familiar with the latest technology. Sure, he may have heard about them, but may not physically own them for himself. So, if you want the latest iPhone or Android device, you could always get one by encouraging him to step out of his comfort zone and get one for himself. If he's the type of person to travel often, then show him apps that could help him save money on flights, rental cars, hotels, etc.

Be a Companion

Older sugar daddies are dating sugar babies for more than sex. Older rich men just don't have the physical stamina as their younger counterparts. It means they're more about sugar babies who want to be wined and dined. They want to take you out to five-star restaurants, on exotic vacations and so much more. What they want is a companion to accompany them to places he wants to go and take you to places where you'd like to visit.

Older sugar daddies have been in life for quite some time – they have their likes and dislikes. They know who they want to be with them and who they don't. For you to date an older sugar daddy successfully, you need to exercise patience, don't berate him for not knowing the latest technology and slangs, and be the companion he's looking for.


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